Video error

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Video error

Postby marcosigniteht » Thu Jun 22, 2017 11:16 am

I ran ./simpleLite but did not capture the image, I am using linux ubuntu 16.04. Can someone give me a hint?
marcos@note-marcos:~/SDKs/ARToolKit5/bin$ ./simpleLite
Using default video config.
libARvideo: GStreamer 0.10.36
libARvideo: GStreamer pipeline is READY!
libARvideo: GStreamer negotiated 320x240@30,000fps
libARvideo: allocating 230400 bytes
libARvideo: GStreamer pipeline is PAUSED.
Camera image size (x,y) = (320,240)
*** Camera Parameter resized from 1280, 1024. ***


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