osgART on Lion (MacOS X 1.7)

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osgART on Lion (MacOS X 1.7)

Postby Amorino » Wed Mar 14, 2012 11:30 am


I'm trying to compile osgART on Mac OS X 10.7 I already installed the latest version of OpenSceneGraph and test some other plug-ins, like Bullet, osgBullet, osgWorks and programmed in OpenSceneGraph. The thing is that one of the ARToolkit (2.72.1) libraries, ARVideo.a have a little issue, I can't compile it in x86_64, which is the architecture I used on ALL the other components. I tried to compile a modification of osgartsimple.cpp and it succeeded compile it but it throw a -1 error, not loading the video of the webcam.

References for osgart, osg, artoolkit on Lion are inexistent. Please, anyone already have osgart running on Lion?

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Re: osgART on Lion (MacOS X 1.7)

Postby philip_lamb » Tue Mar 20, 2012 2:10 pm

ARToolKit Professional v4.x supports 10.7. ARToolKit v2.x does not yet, although we plan to update it soon.

As for osgART v2.x, it is not an ARToolworks product, and you'd have to ask the developers about 10.7 support. osgART Professional v1.1 is an ARToolworks product and will work with 10.7, although this is an older code base compared to osgART v2.x.

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