using osgART for a Final Year Project on AR

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using osgART for a Final Year Project on AR

Postby ardude » Wed Aug 24, 2011 7:04 am


I'm planning to do my Final Year Project about an "electric circuit simulator" using Augmented Reality. Through this students will be able to simulate lab experiments using markers placed on a flat surface.

Do you recommend using libraries like osgART for such project? Because this will make the development easier and it will require less effort to implement (As I have discovered by going through your tutorials: marker detection, calibration and are already handled). In academic projects, the situation is-the more sole-work done by the student, the more marks are offered.

Any comment on this? Am I having a wrong perception here? If not, any idea how to make it a successful project?


Cheers! :mrgreen:

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